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2020 River Road

Wheatfield, NY

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2020 River Rd Parcel Outline.jpg

Site Overview

  • 4.59-acre site 

  • The Site is an irregular shaped and is comprised of four tax parcels.

  •  The Site is vacant, wooded, and undeveloped. It has been the location of
    miscellaneous dumping resulting in contaminated fill material throughout the site.

  • Acquired by the town of Wheatfield in December of 2006 for the creation of a waterfront park. 



  • $425,000 grant awarded from the NCBDC to address site contamination.

  • Remediation will address fill material that is contaminated with metals. 


Redevelopment Efforts

  • The proposed redevelopment is for a waterfront public park with a boardwalk through wetland areas of the site.


  • The park will provide a recreational opportunity along the planned multi-use Niagara Falls Greenway Trail. 

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