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622 River Road

North Tonawanda, NY

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Conceptual Plan Part One.png

Site Overview

  • 4.8-acre site 

  • This site was a former pig iron manufacturing plant for Niagara Iron Works and Tonawanda Iron Works.

  • After 25 years of being vacant, a 17,000 sq. ft. healthcare facility was built in 1997.


  • Property is located on the waterfront of the Niagara River, looking across at Grand Island and adjacent to Tonawanda Island. 



  • Remediation cost is $3,650,00.


  • Soil contamination resulted from years of pig iron manufacturing.

  • Remediation included a combination of soil removal and a soil cap.


  • $1.5M in RLF loan funds assisted with cleanup costs.



Redevelopment Efforts

  • Two story mixed used building with two commercial unites and nine multi-family units.

  • Four story building with 108 units

  • Riverwalk being constructed to adjacent residential development

  • $30.4M investment

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