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Kohl Cycle Shop

71 Gooding Street

City of Lockport, NY

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Once a bustling center for motorcycle enthusiasts, Kohl Cycle in  Lockport, was   founded by Walter A. Kohl. Originally established as Kohl's Cycle Sales, the business flourished in the mid-20th century, thriving on the trade-ins and purchases of motorbikes from other dealers.

In 2000, Kohl acquired the historic Oliver Brothers Bedstead building to house his extensive motorcycle collection and parts inventory.  Kohl passed away in 2002, leaving behind a legacy of innovation and community involvement.

Despite Kohl's passing, the business continued to operate until it was devastated by a fire in 2008, leading to the city of Lockport taking ownership of the building for back taxes. Efforts to preserve the historic structure were thwarted by repeated vandalism and the deteriorating condition of the building.

In 2013, a final blow struck as arson engulfed the dilapidated building, prompting its demolition. The loss of countless antique bikes and spare parts reverberated throughout the global motorcycle community, leaving a void in the hearts of enthusiasts.

Today, the site of Kohl Cycle is ready to remediated via the Brownfield program, paving the way to new opportunities and development.

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